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Home is Where the Heart is: A Shop Decorator Partnership

Shop Decorator, is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Habitat for Humanity, donating a portion of its sales to the charity.

What do Shop Decorator and Habitat for Humanity have in common? Their love and appreciation for the home. Shop Decorator is committed to the idea that nothing is more important to any population’s existence than shelter. In an effort to give back and partner with a like-minded charity, Shop Decorator is partnering with Habitat For Humanity to make a difference.

The efforts of Habitat for Humanity have given millions of needy people a place to call home. Since its founding in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has been dedicated to building “simple, decent, and affordable” housing, addressing the issues of poverty and housing all over the world. Homes are built using volunteer labor; Habitat makes no profit on sales. The organization has helped more than 4 million people worldwide construct, rehabilitate, or preserve over 800,000 homes.

While Shop Decorator is in the business of creating and selling relatively luxurious decorations and necessities for the home--bedding, upholstery, drapes and pillows--it is our wish that all people may have access to such comforts. Through donating one percent of our sales to Habitat for Humanity, Shop Decorator hopes to contribute to the creation and stability of housing for all.

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Linda Tuell - June 12, 2019

Wow!!! That is amazing. Amazing curtains for an amazing cause. Definitely coming back for more!

Linda - May 24, 2018

A lovely gesture! I wish all sites would follow your footsteps. Not only do you deliver a wonderful product but you make us feel good for doing so.

Mom4gotit - November 17, 2017

Thank you. Love Habitat for humanities – it is wonderful that a part of my purchase goes to help Habitat is one of my favorite charities.

Bettie - October 16, 2017


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