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  • June 21, 2018 Shop Decorator

    Navigating Pink

    “Pink is the navy blue of India.”--Diana Vreeland At Shop Decorator, we like to experiment with wall colors which are often off the beaten path, bordering on provocative. We do not hesitate, for example, to paint a room black, knowing...

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  • Black in Fashion and the Interior
    June 4, 2018 Shop Decorator

    Black in Fashion and the Interior

    Black is solemn and sexy, all at the same time, sending opposite messages no other color transmits. Black is the color of mystery and danger, yet, in the design of an interior, it may also be soothing and inviting, even...

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  • Home and Away: Pampering Your Guests
    April 27, 2018 Shop Decorator

    Home and Away: Pampering Your Guests

    If you live in an apartment in a large, expensive city like New York, chances are having a special guest room is beyond your spatial and financial reach. Are your house guests usually relegated to the living room sofa? If...

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  • April 10, 2018 Shop Decorator

    5 Reasons Why You Need Blackout Curtains

    What exactly are “blackout curtains”? Maybe you’ve heard them mentioned in a store while passing by or perhaps you have a “with-it” friend that has nonchalantly mentioned them. No, they are not some unreachable new trend that millennials are using;...

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  • January 10, 2018 Shop Decorator

    2018 Home Decor Trends

    You spoke, we listened. We have compiled our top selling patterns and colors to bring you exciting new mood boards. It helps to understand that these products are most popular because these are the trends going on in the design...

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