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Day to Dark Blackout Technology is Better for your Sleep, Health, and the World!

Day to Dark Blackout Technology is Better for your Sleep, Health, and the World!

Wake up more alert, refreshed and in better health. Our beautiful, natural, high-density natural blackout blinds do much more for you than provide a great night’s sleep. Research has proven that deep sustained sleep improves overall general health and can help to reduce stress, prevent cancer, keep your heart healthy, reduce inflammation in the body, and increase brain function which can keep you more alert and increase your ability to learn.

Throw out those sleeping pills! Our elegantly designed, standard-sized drapes with proprietary high-density natural blackout coating will have you sleeping like a champion every night, blocking out the light so you can rest any time of day.

All natural, No chemicals! When you buy our natural blackout drapes you will help to save the planet because we only manufacture our drapes with non-chemical, triple-weave pure blackout fabric. You will have sweet dreams naturally, without chemicals or harmful toxic products. Authoritative lab tests show that the curtains are vinyl free and environment friendly––safe and green––perfect to use in the kids bedrooms and nursery.

Give your body the gift of sleep in order to restore and repair itself. It has been proven the when you give your body the gift of deep sleep it is better able to repair itself. You will wake up refreshed and revived, reducing your risk of depression and even help your body shed those extra pounds.

Reduce inflammation, stress and improve your memory in your sleep! Our proprietary, sustainably manufactured blackout drapes help you receive the health benefits of a good night sleep by blocking out 90% sun light and prevent 100% UV rays.

Help save the planet, responsibly. Not only will you be doing your body a great service but when you buy out natural blackout drapes you will help to save the planet because we only manufacture our drapes with non-chemical triple weave pure blackout fabric and see that only mature workers manufacture our product and are paid a living wage.

Throw away all those sleeping pills! Live naturally, in good health.

Our quality blackout blinds give you a beautiful, natural, sustainable solution to your sleep problems allowing you to sleep longer and sounder so you can save money on all those prescriptions and sleep aides and instead receive the real health benefits of deep, restorative sleep that reduces inflammation, stress and may help to prevent cancer too. 

So stressed out most days that laying your head on a pillow stresses you out too? This is the cure to years of sleep deprivation!

Welcome to rest and relaxation! Our proprietary, high-density blackout natural coating filters out 99% of sunlight, ensuring you get the deepest, most restorative sleep of your life. It’s been years since you slept through the night and you can’t remember the last time you woke up refreshed. With our natural blackout blinds, you’ll sleep as much as one to two hours more every night which may, over time, reduce your risk of depression.

Sick of feeling groggy in the morning and always hitting the snooze button? 

Our blackout answer to your sleep-deprived lifestyle will find you sleeping better and longer––helping to give your brain and body its much needed rest. Deeper sleep repairs your body in ways nothing else will, particularly your brain, so you can wake up alert and ready to tackle your to-do list confidently and courageously.

Using blackout blinds guarantees you the best environment for peaceful sleep

Kiss the fads good-bye after you sleep with our proprietary blackout blinds, a natural solution to peaceful slumber. It’s not just quantity of sleep that is important it is the quality too. Our blinds make sure that you get the darkest room possible which means you have the opportunity to have the soundest sleep of your life. And sound sleep means you are better able to restore your body.

Work nights and have to sleep during the days? No problem get deep sleep on your schedule.

Getting the right amount of sleep, on your schedule reduces stress. Sleep soundly when you need it most! It’s proven that blocking out the sunlight leads to deeper, longer sleep and this will lead to less stress. Get ready to wake up refreshed, welcoming the day instead of feeling foggy, hazy and dreading your to-do list.

Environmentally friendly!

Help save the planet by purchasing our all-natural solution to your sleep problems. When you buy our environmentally-friendly blackout drapes with all-natural triple-weave pure blackout fabric, rest easy knowing that they are chemical-free, perfect for kids rooms and nurseries.

Fall into bed and sleep hard like you did when you were a kid––not a care in the world.

Our proprietary, high-density blackout coating filters 99% of light. Superior sleep means that you’ll be more alert in the morning and ready to handle whatever the day throws at you––from a marathon sprint to catch the subway, to that extra lap in the pool for your personal best when training for your next triathlon.

Finally loose those unwanted pounds!

The real undisputed benefits better sleep have far-reaching implications for your health including helping with weight loss. If you’ve been trying to shed those extra pounds, our elegant, natural blackout blinds may be just the thing you need to finally meet those weight loss goals.

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