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5 Reasons Why You Need Blackout Curtains

What exactly are “blackout curtains”? Maybe you’ve heard them mentioned in a store while passing by or perhaps you have a “with-it” friend that has nonchalantly mentioned them. No, they are not some unreachable new trend that millennials are using; nor are they as scary and severe as their name implies. We are here to debunk the mysterious blackout curtain and give you five good reasons why you need them. 

Simply put, blackout curtains are soft and durable curtains that feature high performance effects on room darkening, thermal insulation, noise reduction, energy saving / efficiency, and privacy protection. Not only do they serve multiple functions, but theses breathable and airy panels add beautiful look to any windows of your room.

The best part? Shop Decorator makes a triple weave pure blackout fabric with no chemical coating. These magic curtain panels can block out 90% sunlight and prevent 100% UV rays from entering your space. Authoritative lab test shows that the curtains are vinyl free and environment friendly, safe and green to kids and nursery.


Here are some additional benefits you should know about having these thick, dark drapes:

  1. They make your room quieter. has created the ultimate blackout curtain that features an extra triple layer of coating. With the added layer, the curtains help with noise reduction because they are made of dense material. This is a great investment if your place is near a highway or a busy road. Those who work from home will really benefit from these drapes, as well.
  1. They help you save on bills. Believe it or not, blackout curtains retain and keep out heat at the same time! If you live in a hot climate, you are likely to leave the air conditioner on all day to stay cool. These drapes can help to keep the heat out during hot days, which means you can save on your air conditioning bills!
  1. Blackout curtains help you sleep better. It goes without saying that dark drapes will help you sleep better. Our bodies can never fully rest when there’s sunlight coming into the room, which is why you should sleep with the lights off. These opaque curtains can help block 99% of light from entering your room, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up energized. It’s not a stretch to say that there are also some major anti-aging benefits as a result of sleeping better!
  1. They give you maximum privacy. In a day and age where invasion of privacy is more of a concern than ever, blackout drapes are a simple, cheap step in protecting your home. Silhouettes can be seen when the interior is brighter than the outside, and sometimes typical drapes can even become semi-transparent! With its thick and dense material, blackout curtains can really shield the insides of your home from prying eyes.
  1. They last longer. Unlike most curtains, blackout ones come with thick coatings--some use a chemical coating and some do not. Educating yourself on the brands that use chemical-free coatings will help you make a better informed purchase. features blackout curtains that have a triple, non-chemical coating. The coatings are the components responsible for blocking out light, at the same time ensuring its durability. They have a better lifespan as compared to other curtains, which make them a worthwhile investment.
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Lillian Schaeffer - June 12, 2019

I had no idea that blackout curtains could also help to keep your room quieter. My husband and I live on a pretty busy street, and sometimes the sporadic sounds of traffic can keep me awake at night. Getting blackout curtains to block some of that sound out would be amazing, so I’ll have to look into purchasing some curtains and all the hardware that I’ll need to hang them.

Ramgopal Seshan - January 19, 2018

Nice valuable article on the key reasons for blackout curtains shopping.

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